The final day of 30-day Blog Posting Challenge is today. There are highs and mids in between, but there was never a time for any low situation. Every day is a challenge for the challengers as well as for me. Even though I can bend the rules and I don’t have to participate in any of the challenges, I am still compelled to write a blog post every day and submit my blog post links on the threads of the challenges.

It has been a fun and exhilarating experience to hold the challenge for the participants who are all members of Cebu Blogging Community. From the experiences, there are lessons gained, learned and developed.

30-Day Blog Posting Challenge

1. The importance of posting every day on the blog can be rewarding.

It is about the rewards. The experiences on the first day are already rewarding. I have had zealous participants who have been more than ready to take the challenges.

2. I never forget that the challengers are smart.

Even though I am the first and ultimate game master, despite having 3 game masters who have helped in coming up with the challenges of the day, I still have respect to the challengers. I don’t want to be a dictator, holding authoritarian post in the challenge. Perhaps, I can say I have been staging a kind of flawed democracy in holding the challenge. But the intention is to encourage them, making the bloggers smarter than what they have thought of themselves. In this way, I have learned that I can still push myself not to the limits but to the possibility that there is no boundary or no limit to regard.

3. Carlo Olano of is a very smart, passionate blogger

I have to give props for Carlo Olano for being a smart, dedicated and passionate blogger. He is a great example of Cebu’s top blogger who is not after recognition, but also has the heart to help.

4.  Romeo Bonsocan of is a clever blogger.

This blogger is full of wits and has never failed to amaze me. He has the drive to win the challenges and he is always ready to push himself just to get things done. Though he can be hesitant at times during situations unfamiliar to him, but he has the impulse to act upon when he regards the safety factor is as wide than what he initially seems.

5. Chanel Marie is a feisty blogger.

The most determined of the challengers is in the form of a petite lady who has gone from a humble beginning in blogging to a force that is regarded as big in the blogging community of Cebu.

Check this feisty blogger’s blog at

She is also an example of buzz-beater that sometimes finds blogging as a burden but eventually realizes that it’s utterly rewarding.

6. Thaddeau Engaling is an admirable business blogger.

Though his blog talks more about Cebu, the topics are more business-like. But what sets Sir Thadz apart from all the bloggers is that he is a time manager. Aside from being a team builder consultant, his character reminds me of someone who is  always ready to take an action by hook or by crook. I don’t know if he agrees to my assessment of him.

Check Sir Thadz blog posts at

7. Emjae Argallon is a very evolved photoblogger.

I admire his photography works as featured on his blog His blog is among the best-looking of all Cebu-based bloggers. And his contents are well-written, something that I find in a photoblogger to be exemplary.

8. Melanie Diane Manso is the charming blogger with full of surprises.

This blogger shares her blog, FueledbyCaffeine.Net with a friend and business partner, I assume. I have never had a chance to meet her though personally. But it feels like I know a bit of her from her blog.

She considers herself a newbie in blogging. But she is a fast learner. She’s also charming and witty as can be attested on her posts. She has taken the challenges very seriously and she is very driven to get the coveted badge.

9.  Aside from the challengers, I have come to admire some Cebu Blogging Community members who have supported the challengers comply a challenge.

What did the CBC members do to act in solidarity with the challengers?

They have created and published their versions of Gratitude Attitude posts using the hashtag #GratitudeAttitude.

10. The Cebu Blogging Community members have very admirable sets of bloggers.

I have come to admire the bloggers of this community. Most of them are very passionate in blogging.

Blogging is not just about socializing during events. In fact, being gregarious not really a typical character of a blogger. But the current roster of bloggers is very commendable. They are full of surprises and are very driven to excel.

Knowing their stats and their initial attainments in blogging in Cebu, I have high respect for the bloggers in Cebu Blogging Community, the kind of community I have come to love and have no regrets spending my non-paying hours with every day.

Life, light and love to the bloggers of Cebu Blogging Community!


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