Change always tells us to move forward. Most often, we rely our decision to transform from outside influences. But what most people may have failed to discover is that change should be coming first from the inside. The outside influencers may help in pushing what is really from the inside or they end up forcing you to do things that you don’t like. Regardless of the outcome, what is important is that there are lessons learned and that every mistake brings a person to discover the catalysts of change.

With the many changes happening with me as a blogger– after opening this blog site 7 years ago– countless events have helped me grow as a person. That’s why I have always been grateful to have decided to become a blogger because it has been the catalyst for many wonderful things that have occurred to me.  

When I started this blog, one of my aims was to become super rich. To be filthy rich. But that aspiration changed when I stumbled upon a slew of opportunities that made me realize that life is not just about riches. It is about how we can become more positive and instrumental to the change of other individuals in a positive way. Wealth is the reward when we become more of service to others.

Many events have led me to discover many persons who have been instrumental in molding me. Not that I need someone, a person to always guide me, but my association with various personalities has brought me to  life-changing events, helping me to explore more about life. 

When I joined a blogging association in 2010, it was there I discovered more opportunities in life than I thought I already had. I attended John Calub seminars, money-making seminars, digital marketing seminars and conferences and I even managed to create my own group events to a large gathering of 200 attendees. 

Aside from becoming a blogger, I managed to include in my resume event organizing, community manager and digital marketing consultant. I have made connections at Google, Yahoo Philippines, OLX, media people in Cebu, PR firms and chambers of commerce and government agencies. I even grabbed awards and recognitions that I can take pride in this blog. 

Though I decided to become a bloggerati( blogger celebrity) when I stumbled upon how great the life would be of a famous person, it was in 2013 that everything changed for me. 

I still have many opportunities within my grasp. But it was in that year, a few days after my birthday, that my life gradually made a three-sixty turn. 

It was late for me to realize that I joined a mystery school. Perhaps, it was a month after when I learned that I, indeed, became a part of a group that puts interest to mysticism. After I got curious from a person who informed me about Rosicrucianism and secret societies, he invited me to join a group meeting. I just thought it was a society that assists its members through self-development lessons. But it teaches more than that.

Again, I didn’t know about the mystery school aspect of it. I thought it was just a society meeting with rituals and stuffs. It took more than a month that I finally heeded the calling and then decided to join my first meeting with the mystery group.

Revealing more about the stuffs and my association with the mystery group would be something I don’t want to divulge. It’s not for fear or something, I even have to attribute the school for helping me open my mind about not giving in to fear.  But what is important is that after immersing with the studies of mystical stuffs, it helps me decide to take another direction in life and become an individual of the light and for the light. 

I initially decided to practice practical mysticism, applying what I have learned for my career enhancement and for dealing with people. However, three years after joining the school, I then accepted an intuitive calling: to become a writer and blogger to disseminate information about positive things that lightworkers can do and should be involved in.

I can honestly say that I am a lightworker. I still believe that all beings are of the light, but free will and the intuitive calling put many beings into difficult decisions and situations. And sadly, many of them have stooped down to a level where accepting things for their survival is their only option, even if they are negative and would only raise the dark ego.

Knowing about Cosmic laws, numerology and astrology is the factor that has compelled me to take the big leap of change in blogging. 

It was 10 years ago that I learned about internet marketing and social media. That was the beginning stage of digital marketing, an opportune moment for those who wished to take a slice of the humungous digital marketing pie. That was also the year that covering for social media was cool. And so I got more involved with social media. I even received an award for Social Media Advocate in 2013 from a prestigious award-giving body in the Philippines for the media people. 

But then, internet marketing has grown in the Philippines. Social media has also made a big leap in the country after Facebook and Twitter invested in high-functional servers to serve the growing user base. 

I became a social media advocate during the time when people still had no grasp on how to use social media properly. 

After receiving an award for being a social media advocate, it was also the year when I became a member of the mystery group. I would say that what I have learned in the group made me more responsible in social media use to the point that many people asked me why I was not anymore that active on Facebook.

I don’t want to be more detailed with my transformation, but what I could say is that alchemical transmutation occurred within me. That’s one of the things that have made me grateful about my association with the group. Also, the learnings from the mystery schools are things that I will forever treasure.

And yep, it is not just one mystery school. I have been involved in 3.

Rebranding is the effect of alchemical transmutation

I would still like to put into account my lessons of transformation on this blog. One of my inspirations for this blog is Zen Habits of Leo Babauta. It was really an inspirational blog for self-development. The popular blog accounts the inner transformation of the blogger, helping the readers to realize that changes are possible for the good. 

Self-development is one of the big niches in blogging aside from social media. Having to be part of that niche is really cool and so I decided to integrate topics about pragmatism on this blog.

Zen Habits, in its earlier posts talked about inner transformation, how to declutter messes in life and in one’s room and how to find mundane things interesting. It was recently, that I have read posts from Leo mentioning about meditation.

Yes, meditation.

My involvement in mystery schools helps me learn about the various techniques of meditation for inner transformation. They are very helpful, these techniques.  And there are sometimes overwhelming. 

And knowing about meditation makes me in line with the blogger, Leo Babauta in that sense. I never intended to follow him though but it seems that life has puzzling ways to interconnect people.

Learning mysteries and self-development

Learning many things in life makes me realize about allegorical aspects of events, of books such as the Bible and of teachings, which are oftentimes cloaked with mysteries. 

People would go through self-development to attain inner transformation for they believe that it is a way for them to be more successful, to become financially liberated. But that should not end on the aspect when a person reaches financial liberation. There should be a continuous movement to balance the cycle and other aspects in life such as physical, emotional, mental intelligence and spiritual. 

If a person reaches the inner transformation towards Cosmic Liberation, then he can move on to a more arduous yet tremendously rewarding aspect of Ascension.

Learning about self-development is part of the awakening process with the aim to balance the different aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The financial aspect has been added by economic managers just to inject the notion that money is as important as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. But as they say, it is the work of the Cabal to inculcate the person that he needs money badly, and that without it he can’t live and would not be able to balance other aspects in life. 

What should be corrected there is that the financial aspect is part of the physical aspect of being. When a person manages to balance the four main aspects similar to the 4 elements of life: fire, water, air and earth, he can attain riches in life. That means, a person must be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced so the opportunities in life are just within his grasp.

Now, what do these learnings have to do with rebranding this blog?

Mentioning about change and inner transformation is just a clue for the rebranding of this blog. In that sense, I intend to add metaphysical, mystical and esoteric subjects to share viewpoints and to also impart the learnings that may be valuable to people in their road to awakening.

My intention is not for self-serving reason. It is a mission I have to fulfill after hearing a telepathic message which encourages me to act accordingly.  I received that message on December 8, 2016, on which a female voice told me, “the World needs us”.

I know that being service to others is the most important gauge to ascertain a person if he is of the light or not. And that the lightworkers have different missions and most often, they are relayed during dream state or in a telepathic way during consciousness state.

“The World needs us” is a calling to me as a light worker with the talent to share information through writing. It is a mission that is not forced for me to do, but it is a calling that I believe is a transformative way to make me closer to my aspiration. But does it imply that I am self-serving by becoming service to others just to reach my goal?

I believe not. 

Though we aim for rewards, we sometimes forget the results that would benefit us when we see people that we help, reciprocating us in a positive way. And it’s important that we not give in to ulterior motive when deciding to help an individual. Just the act of helping is rewarding enough because it reminds us that we are interconnected and we are One with the Source.

I have already managed to undergo the process of Cosmic Awakening. I also stumbled upon to be more controlled during the days and months of the Dark Night of the Soul. The Cosmic liberation was a very important event in life, especially at that time when I received my first shakti. From being a Catholic, I have decided to become a non-religious spiritual person. I am not anymore a member of any religion but I am more immersed with spirituality.

I have also become more appreciative about life even though there are times that I gave in to anger and resentment. But what is more mystical in this path of mysticism is that it is easy for me to forgive. The compassion aspect is always at my side.

I experienced many times that when I saw toddlers in their happy state, I felt like my heart was bursting with glee, of joy that in just a few minutes, I reached a certain state of nirvana in a conscious, open-eyed state. 

I experienced a certain kind of orgasmic bliss during meditation while on a sitting position and with no sort of release. It was a pure bliss, utterly unexplainable but it was full of love that I wish I would always remain in that state forever. That’s how intense meditation can be. 

To synthesize the reasons for rebranding, I wish to impart them in this order.
1. To be of service to others through sharing information to spark curiosity about spirituality and awakening for consciousness evolution.
2. To share learnings about metaphysical and esoteric aspects. Sharing of these things are limited to a certain degree, however. I am still bound by the Law of Karma.
3. To inform about my experiences especially about breakaway civilization, UFO and other things regarded as bizarre by controlled society.
4. To share my views on matters concerning esoteric.
5. For the service of others, so they too can experience Ascension and Enlightenment.

I may also have to test my clairvoyant abilities, which should be something I have to conceal. But if this is the way to help humanity, then, I will have to prepare for the consequences.

Victory of the light through joy, peace, vitality, love and compassion!