I was fond of X-Men since childhood and I found Professor X’ abilities to be interesting that I would like to have the same power like his. I remember when I was 10 years old, an elementary student, that I told my classmate and best friend at that time that I was a psychic and that I could know what people were thinking and what the next event would be. It was just for fun but with deep within, I had the desire to eventually acquire that ability.

I wanted to pursue that kind of ability because I knew then that I could have it. But my Catholic background impeded the desire from materializing it. My mother even told me that powers like that could make anyone a vessel of the devil.

Regardless of the fear-mongering teaching, I still held that view and desire to the point that it brought certain kind of paranoia in me. I always had headaches and migraines during high school.  I always heard people talking about me even though I didn’t hear their voices. I just knew it through their eyes.

But even though I had that problem, I managed not to be an outcast.

Though a nerd, I was one of the coolest kids in high school. Keeping that ability aside, I used my cognitive ability to improve my math skills. Though ego would tell me that I was a sort of a math wizard after being bestowed with that award in high school during graduation, it would be something that I attributed to the opening of the third eye.

It was in college that I knew about the term clairvoyance and being clairvoyant. But the term clairvoyance has a broad meaning despite its definition as the ability to gain information of objects, people, beings and situations through extrasensory perception.

Having clairvoyant ability is a rightful gift of each human being. Having access to that ability would be an impetus for that person to undergo intuitive awakening. It may take certain processes and possibly years for a person to fully realize that he has intuitive power such as clairvoyance.

However, factors that suppress the full activation of clairvoyant abilities abound.

Religious belief is the primary factor for individuals who fail to realize their intuitive power or they want to block it for fear of seeing demons once they open their third eye.  Many religions inculcate fear in their teachings, gradually suppressing individuals with their innate power and suggestively incorporating messages that put humans as lowly beings unless they want to become saints.

The irony of religion is that many of the saints are clairvoyant such as Joan of Arc, St. Francis of Assissi and St. Pio of Pietrelcina and yet priests continually suppress people of their free will by saying that meditation is not good and that having powers such as telekinesis and clairvoyance is the the way of the devil.

I don’t want to comment more on that. What is important is that if you desire something, don’t imagine it. Use the visualization technique. That’s one of the ways for you to attain clairvoyant ability.

While some may have just one of the types, others may have two or all of the clairvoyant abilities. These types of clairvoyant abilities would determine what kind of special gift you have.

scrying, glass ball

1. Clairsentience 

This is the ability to gain information through sensing or feeling. This is one of the abilities you can gain especially if you feel sympathetic towards a person, animals, objects or situations.

Many people are empathic and have great regards to other people’s feeling and situations. These are positive signs of how mature a person have become. Practicing empathy by putting one’s shoes to another is an exercise to develop clairsentient ability.

That’s why we can classify Intuitive empaths as more clairsentient. They can learn about a person’s feeling when they feel also the same way even if that person hasn’t informed him or her of the condition.

Clairsentient can have a disadvantage though when they are around persons with negative feelings. Negative emotions can overwhelm the clairsentients, making them feel throbbing pain in certain parts of the body. When you experience this, it is important to know the source of that feeling so you can find a way. You can ask a person if he is willing to accept your help or you can avoid that person until he regains the high vibrational state.

Other clairsentient can know the person’s feeling without having to feel it within them. This is the quality of a highly developed clairsentient, who is able to block negative feeling but still has the ability to know the condition and emotion of another being in a clear intuitive way.

Moreover, a highly developed clairsentient is able to develop psychometry, which is the ability to know the condition or situation of a person, being or object by holding an object. An example of this would be knowing where a missing person is located by having a physical contact of that person’s possession.

Clairsentient ability is important for careers such as medical doctor, business people and sales and marketing persons. By knowing the condition of the patient, a physician can already infer a patient’s condition and would require medical testing to support the intuitive knowledge of the condition.


2. Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

This is the ability to hear the psychic energy. An example of this would be hearing one’s thoughts even if the person doesn’t open his mouth to relay a message. It may seem like telepathy when you hear a person who is directly relaying a message to you without a voice. However, telepathy is an ability gained when a being is able to communicate with another person using his conscious thought. But it helps to know that when you develop the clairaudient ability, you can gain telepathic message from other beings especially from extra-terrestrial sources.

Being clairaudient can help a person develop telepathy as the ability helps them to be more receptive.

Another example of this ability would be knowing the melody of the song to be created even if there is no final piece yet. A highly developed clairaudient has the ability to hear the music of the sphere. This ability is very important for musicians for it would help them create musical masterpieces.

Some of the New Age musicians such as Kitaro attributed their masterpieces upon hearing the music of the sphere. Even if he is not musically trained, Kitaro managed to become one of the prized instrumentalists and musicians from Japan with a Grammy award.

Moreover, blind people can readily develop clairaudient ability as the sense of hearing would form as their primary sense to recognize a person or even an object or being.

3. Clairolfactus or clairscent (smelling)

Aside from gaining the ability of clairaudience, blind people can also develop clairolfactus. This ability enables a person to smell an object or a being without having to see it. He just knows the existence of an object or being through the smell.

An example of this ability would be knowing the taste of the food by just smelling it, although most often people already regard it as just a normal way to determine the palatability of the food.

Highly developed clairscent people have the ability to know the origin of an object by just smelling it. They can even see the situation of past or future events just by smelling an object or a fume.

This ability is important to a perfumer in producing a variety of perfumes.

4. Clairgustance (tasting)

A clairgustant is able to determine the sourness. bitterness or sweetness of the food even before tasting it. You may be a clairgustant if you already feel sourness on your tongue when you are holding an unripe mango or soury substance even before tasting it.

Another indication of being clairgustant is if you feel subtle yet unfavorable taste on your tongue making you experience acid reflux and vomiting after knowing an ominous situation. In this case, it may seem like a combination of claircognizance and clairgustance. Claircognizant ability would act as a catalyst for the clairgustance effect especially if the latter is regarded as a potential in knowing a certain situation such as knowing a certain food won’t be palatable in this kind of restaurant or event.

A highly-developed clairgustant is able to recognize the ingredients of a dish correctly. It is like he is able to pinpoint the taste of garlic, ginger and other spices in a food in an accurate way.

This ability is important to cooks and chefs because this would help them know the potential taste of a new dish. Together with clairscent, clairgustance can help a chef becoming a culinary adept.

5. Claircognizance (knowing)

Claircognizant is able to acquire psychic knowledge just by knowing it. A person with this ability can experience premonition. That’s why claircognizant is also called precog. However, claircognizant can also see the past and the present.

This is a popular type of clairvoyance aside from clairsentient. This takes time to fully develop though than other clairvoyant abilities. However, the gut feeling or the intuitive feeling of something occurring or about to occur is one of the early indications of having this ability.

Once a person is able to fully activate the pineal gland through the assistance and balance of other chakras, he can fully develop the claircognizant ability by accessing the Akashic records at will. This makes him able to access his true self, his past incarnations and the potential future.

A highly develop claircognizant can do remote viewing without having to leave his astral body. It is like having to see what is happening in another location simultaneously. A claircognizant may find the aid of a map useful to know the coordinates of the location.

He may also see situations like a clear projector screen before him of an event that is happening remotely. This can be done through scrying with the aid of a crystal ball, a mirror or even a bowl of water or body of water.


Having clairvoyant abilities is cool. You have to develop them in a way that your aim is towards the light and not for selfish reasons.

Your goal in developing your ability is to make yourself a highly evolved conscious individual.

If you wish to have any or all of these abilities, let me know if you need assistance.