Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines when it comes to importance in trade and industry. Its efforts of becoming the next technology hub is very timely because the city is experiencing an increase of income and number of businesses generated.

Why should Cebu be the next Technology Hub? Let us count 7 ways of why it should be.

1. Cebu is now supporting start-ups.

A startup company according to Wikipedia is a temporary organization or partnership that is created to look for business models that are scalable. These are companies are new and mostly in the phase of research and development for available markets. This term became popular due to the existence of website companies that became successful.

The recently concluded Startup Weekend Cebu is a testimony to the increasing awareness of Cebuanos about the importance of startup companies and the possible benefits they could offer to the well-being of the society.

2. Cebu is home to amazing and talented people.

In this year’s Ideaspace, 5 finalists from Cebu made it to the Top 20. They are Lost Meets Found, miCab,, SafeCab, and Tudlo. All the geeks behind these ideas are proudly Cebuano!

3. Cebu has communities that support startups.

Communities like Startup Weekend Cebu,, JCI Mandaue, and DOST – ICTO are willing to help people incubate their ideas in turn them into profitable products or services in the future.

4. Cebu has beautiful workspaces to develop tech ideas.

Cebu Business Incubator for IT is just one of the edifices made to nurture ideas concerning technology. It plays hosts to various startup companies like Loudbasstard and Third Team Media.

5. Cebu is a venue to various technology events.

Startup Weekend Cebu, Digital Filipino e-Commerce Summit 2013, and the events organized by are just of the few summits organized in the beautiful island of Cebu, all focused on the idea of incubating technology ideas.

6. Cebu is developing technopreneurs.

Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology or CEDFIT and Now Group Inc. are in the process of developing a program or platform that will develop technopreneurs in the city of Cebu.

I am proud to say that Bjorn Cebuano Media is a technopreneurial start-up. Shameless? It might be. But that is my being a content marketing agency that supports tech startups in gaining grounds through digital marketing.

7. Cebu has companies and mentors that support technology ideas.

Name it, you got it! Cebu has companies and mentors that are willing to help people with technology ideas in developing them into useful products and services. Coaches like Wilson Ng of Ng Khai, Ruben Licera of RLCOMM International,  Fleire Castro of Third Team Media and Clarisa Briones-Bernal of have spent a number of their free time to mentor the participants of Startup Weekend Cebu 2013.

Big companies like Globe, Islands Group Inc., Lenddo, Kickstart, and Synacy have likewise devoted a number of their time and resources.