Bjorn Bernales will help you guide you through the business of blogging, social media, SEO and its big umbrella, the Internet marketing.

You can read on this blog the different articles about blogging, how-to guides in business blogging and social media on wide spectrum. It also adds personal finance which is an essential ingredient in every business and every individual.

About the Author:

Bjorn Bernales is a blogger, inbound marketing manager and certified internet marketer.

He is a freelancer, writer and editor of a blog site owned by a non-profit blogging organization, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

┬áHe currently holds a certification from Inbound Marketing University as a Certified Professional with Honor’s Distinction.

View press release of Bjorn Bernales Certification from Inbound Marketing University.

He is the founder of Google Business Group Mandaue and co-founder of Google Business Groups in Cebu, business communities that aims to help traditional business to get online presences.

He is also the co-founder of Cebu Blogging Community.


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