Event organizing has become part of the career that I am in. The first event that I organized was during my time managing an internet cafe/eatery in Cebu City where I staged a live feed of Pacquiao fight back in November 2010. My crew managed to invite 50 paid viewers and it was a blast because we didn’t expect it to reach more than the expected number.

And then, there was Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2010 where I helped in organizing the first ceremonial event in Sugbu Hotel. The turnout was also great.

The 2nd World Bloggers’ Day was also an event that I helped in organizing. Though we managed to bring credible speakers, the reception of the event was mixed. Nevertheless, I and Agnes Jimenez of EmpressofDrac.com managed to stage the event.

It was during that event that I realized how exhausting event organizing is especially if there is only a few manpower.

The successful staging of Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 was an eye-opener for me as an event organizer. It was during the progress of organizing this event that I learned the ways of gaining rapport and support from big firms and small businesses. I imagined it to be a big and tiring event but I came to realize how the success of this event made an impact on me as an event organizer.

The effort of organizing the event can be deemed similar what a role of supporting actor winning an Oscar. It was fun, excruciating and yet still liberating and,  I need to say this, rewarding.

The role of being just a blogger transcended to a new level.

And then came 2012, where most events were organized for Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. and Google Business Group Cebu where I am the co-community manager.

Events I helped in leading the organizing team include Social Media Day Cebu, Social Good Summit Cebu, Google Plus Workshop and DigiMark Seminar and Workshop. These events made an impact on me as an event organizer. And they did help me in a way.

As a blogger/event organizer, I find it a high time to promote my events being organized in this blog. So, I installed a plug-in that would plot the events I  organize.

The Calendar of Events is still a work in progress stage as this blog.

There, you can see events that I have organized.

Now, there is an underlying question if I have to include other events in which I am not organizing. My answer to that would be YES.

A big YES and also a  big BUT.

There will be a corresponding fee in including your events on this blog.

The fee is still minimal though.

For a start, Php500 for an event posted 20 days before the actual event.

Php 1,000 if the event is demanded to be posted 60 days before the actual event.

The amounts are in a package deal.

Other value-added services include:

1. Blog post (200 words) about the event including the image.

2. Social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. A business event will be promoted on LinkedIn. It will be for weekly duration until the end of the event.

If images of sponsors are to be included in the post, additional Php 500 will be charged.

What about exchange deal?

I know exchange deal happens between businesses and I am glad to say that it is possible.

However, posting about the event will be limited only to one(1).

Social Media promotion will be conducted only once with a report including screenshots and links where the promotional links and images can be found.

To avail of this service, please contact me at 0932 878 4592 or send me a message using the contact form.

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