Blog to make money is an aspiration of individuals who want to earn a living by blogging. But not all are destined to make a lot of money from blogging. I mean, this is to be more upfront instead of expecting too much.

There’s a thinking that not all bloggers making money, which is I believe true. But there are those who have discounted the power of blogging that they also generalize all bloggers to be not so different from people earning a living, working on 9-6 or 8-5 jobs. That notion comes out from sheer ignorance. Perhaps, they have started out blogging with a mindset that within a month or three months, they’d be earning that much compared to what they used to before. Or perhaps, they have begun as students and they have not realized the mistakes of not doing a strategy in blogging to make money.There are various reasons for those who have experienced disappointments because of something they may have failed to realize or they didn’t see the mistakes that they’ve applied in blogging early on.

The answer to the question as  written in the title is a resonating NO. Not all bloggers really make money because, for one, they failed to strategize early on.

But then the question that is left hanging: Can all bloggers make money?

The answer to that question is a vibrating YES.

Before creating a blog, they should have done what those aspiring to become long-term celebrities have applied, and that is BRANDING. If they’ve thought of branding during the beginning stage of blogging, especially prior to creating a blog, they have to consider what brand they are going to project to their target readers.

Consider blogging as a business. Blog is the platform of your business and you, the blogger, are the talent. Your service is in the form of creating quality contents. If you regard the possible opportunities that you can have on the starting stage of blogging, you can be assured that what you aspire can manifest.

Similar to starting a business, the blogger must create a value to its target market – the readers. But the blogger must also regard what type of market he is going to introduce and present his products, which are in the form of blog posts. At this juncture, the blogger must decide what blog niche is his blog going to be.

The blogger must not a know-it-all or a jack-of-all-trades. He must have a topic that he can really bring quality outputs based on the knowledge he has gained and the subject that he is most passionate about.

I have published a blog post about the formula in blogging success, but it was done in a general tone. The other formula in blogging that can really put the blogger to a more sustainable situation is this:


I will discuss more this formula in depth in succeeding blog posts.

But for now, what I want to clarify is that there is more into blogging than what meets the eye, the perception of the people.

If you wish to start a business in the digital times, you must have a blog. Content marketing has become more important in the world of business. It is not anymore about presenting the product and placing it properly in the market. Products as well as services, that are not the needs of regular individuals,  require the right information for them to attract the right kind of market. For this to materialize, the right platform to project information to attract potential markets is through blogging.

Now taking the role of blogging in business, we could come to an inference that blogging is the way for businesses to make money if it projects the proper product information to attract buyers.

Taking another logic, if individuals regard blogging as a business or a method for a business to promote its business, then there is no way for those new to blogging, not to make money from blogging.


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