I often wonder why Seth Godin has lots of fans, subscribers and followers of his blog. But I think it’s stupid of me wondering about why Seth Godin is famous internationally.

He is a great online marketer, best-selling author, philosopher and a though leader. I think, if I am really determined to be like him, I think it’s possible. Yeah, I am very ambitious but I really do believe that I might… just might be as famous as Seth Godin… in the Philippines.

I am not a fame-whore. What I want is to help. It’s by helping that I sense satisfaction. And it’s also by helping that I help myself.

And I think it’s high time for me to really push the button. Have as many a blog post in  a week, if not in a day— and be a formidable Cebuano blogger who is into business, social media and digital marketing.

My win as a Social Media Advocate in a prestigious award-giving body in Cebu is a start. I attribute my win to this:



And yes, from now on. I won’t be a Zombie, but rather a werewolf—ready to face on challenges with hunger for knowledge (not for flesh).

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