Compared to the US and other parts of the globe, blogging in the Philippines is still in developing stage. Its progress is similar to its economy, where it is regarded as a rising tiger. But despite the notion of being under a development stage, there are many known Filipino bloggers exist.

The Philippines has produced Bryan Boy who is now the social media correspondent in America’s Next Top Model. And there is also Abe Olandres, the popular tech blogger, whom I have learned to have a social media position in the largest mobile telecom company in the Philippines.

Janette Toral, who is more known  as Digital Filipino than a blogger, is busy organizing events for her e-commerce summit in Cebu.

The help of a social media agency in Cebu, owned by social media professional Fleire Castro, has made Toral’s events possible in Cebu starting with the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu last year in which I volunteered in organizing.

Bryan Boy, Abe Olandres, Toral and even Fleire Castro are all bloggers. But their resumes do not stop in just blogging. The integration of social media in their blogging and networking paves the way for them to be more known online than just owning blogs.

Blogging is not enough. One has to make social media integral in his blogging plan. It is the next platform after blogging. In fact, a blog is a social media tool, so being a blogger is also a qualification for being a social media practitioner. Those who have leveled up their blogging and social media efforts  have become professionals and experts. Others are strategists and yes they are hired.

This March 16, 2013, a social media summit is being currently organized. It is kinda refreshing to know that I, a blogger,  am also in the main organizing team. The purpose of having this summit is to have a convention of social media enthusiasts in the Philippines under one roof for one day.

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 is gonna be big. I hope for that. But thinking about the line up of speakers we have and the partners that have been supporting us, I have no doubt that this will be a huge social media event in Cebu this year 2013. A social media event with a national impact, Philippine-wise.

If you are a blogger and you want to step up in the game of social media by being part of the conversation or the initiator or influencer of that conversation, then head to Cebu this March 16, 2013 at JCentre Mall.

Blogging is not enough. Take part in social media where a big, big world is waiting for you to partake.

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013