Two years ago, Google went through another change in algorithm that undermined the value of guest posting. The effects were in the terrible to mild state to blogs that had been accepting guest posts. Perhaps, they lately realized that they failed to come up with stricter guest posting guidelines. Or there could be other reasons, which are beyond the depth of this blogger.

I haven’t accepted guest posting yet on this blog since its rebranding. I plan to be the main writer of this blog until I know that I need to evolve and accept a few slew of writers in the payroll. But for newbie bloggers who decide to make a guest post on this blog,  I am open to guest posts if they meet these 4 criteria:

#1. Quality and relevant content for guest post

This blog tackles more about blogging, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing and tips on how to attain life+career balance. If your guest post has contents relatable to this blog, then I might accept it.

Quality contents mean the articles are free of grammatical errors.

Though flaws are inevitable because new bloggers may have struggles in writing, the thing is if you’re into blogging, you must be a good writer.

#2 Relatable guest post

This is a redundant criterion but it’s good to be reminded again, in case you find the first guideline unclear.

The guest post must be an article that is related to digital marketing, business, blogging, content marketing, SEO and social media. If you have articles that deal with life+career balance, then I can accept that. Guest posts that feature tips about how to improve your business are accepted.

Although I include finance topics on this blog because it’s somehow related to business, guest post about selling insurance is something I would gracefully decline.

#3 Minimal links in guest post

Guest posts must not include too much links that they already look spammy. Perhaps, that’s one of the factors why blog sites that accept guest articles with spammy links are penalized.

The number of links in guest post is not really standardized. But to be safe, the number of links that acceptable are around two to three, including the links of the blog site of the guest poster, Twitter handle and any social media profile.

#4 Guest post must have 500 words minimum

I have read Neil Patel’s blog post about guest posting and his guidelines include accepting guest posts with at least 1,000 words minimum. And the blog post must have substance, must have meat.

There is a trend in blog posting that encourages less word count. Although it is applicable in certain blogs, this blog is  created to inform readers about relevant things in digital marketing, content marketing, blogging, SEO and social media that they may know, understand and apply it into their own strategy. So expect for contents that are more than 500 words or even 1,000.

Tips to guest poster

Guest poster especially those who are new into blogging must focus his concentrated energy in making relevant blog posts with meatier content. Having substantial numbers of words with no fluff would give an idea to the blog owner that the guest blogger is serious about helping him by providing a post that can resonate with his readers.

Albeit the intention of the guest blogger is to expand his audience through guest posting in an authority blog site, it should be a secondary purpose. The first should be to create a quality guest post with substance and relevance to readers of the blog owner. Helping first is the first purpose. The effect of ego intention comes if the result of the guest posting  converts to new readers to the guest poster’s blog site.

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