I blog for my business. This is a business blog as you may have known (or too vague to you to recognize). And so my intention is to build my brand, my reputation, my business and the clients I have worked with. But it is also worth noting that I don’t purposely blog for business only. I also take a pause from time to time and contemplate on the value of giving.

Blogging for social good is one of the things that I have advocated since 2013, when I stumbled upon that term. Blog can be used for social change and hence, for social good. It can be a vehicle to compel others to realize about an advocacy that requires change, drastic or gradual. It can be a platform to establish a community where its members share a common goal. It can be an instrument to change lives when it features topics for self-development, for lifting standard of living and for encouraging better knowledge about technology, about business, about real estate picking, about fashion, food, travel and lifestyle.

There is more to blogging than what meets the eye of the readers.And it is something that I am thankful of.

Blogging for social good is a kind of tithing for me. I spend at least 4 hours in a week, which is roughly 10% of my working hours in a week. But sometimes the hours can be more.

How do I blog for social good?

  1. By featuring communities where the core is to help, support certain communities or charitable institutions. I use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are also regarded as micro-blogging sites. So technically, when I feature social media posts about mangrove planting or featuring communities and places so more people will know them, then I have been doing my part of social good blogging.
  2. By holding seminars teaching people the basics of blogging.
  3. By posting here on this blog about how to blog and the ways and methods of blogging to earn a living. I have discarded my ad codes for now so I don’t really earn from the ads.
  4. By co-leading Cebu Blogging Community where I share my ideas, holding events and working on strategies without any monetary exchange.
  5. By featuring places and new eating places as long as they’re worth visiting and dining in on my blog and in social media.

Although there is an intention to earn from blogging, it is also worth to have periods where I share my skills and energy to advocacies that are worth working for and spending time with. I can accomplish that through blogging and micro-blogging.

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