It started with a challenge in Cebu Blogging Community’s 30-Day Blog Posting Challenge where the remaining participants of 6 bloggers were required to create gratitude posts on their respective blogs.

The challenge is not that difficult but extensive because they had to create over 1,000 words. Another part of the challenge is to encourage other bloggers to create gratitude posts on their respective blogs. The result is positive with many bloggers pledged to create their versions of gratitude posts.

The #gratitudeatittude  post challenge enables the bloggers to acknowledge the people, things and places that are meaningful to them, that are instrumental to their successes and that have made them better persons. Most of those have published their versions of the gratitude post have thanked the Cebu Blogging Community, the co-participants and God.

CBC 30-day Blog posting challenge

-Thaddeau Enggaling of

Things and apps have also been given remarks for their wonderful works.

  • Melanie Manso of FueledbyCaffeine.Net

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  • Thaddeau Enggaling of
  • Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.48.15 PM Romeo Bonsocan of
    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.47.40 PM

The awakening stage of Chanel Marie Imperial is a surprising tribute to a lass who has been very humble in her successes.

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Those who are not participants of the challenge but are members of the blogging community have made creative versions of gratitude post.

Richard Abad’s #gratitudeattitude post is filled with YouTube videos acknowledging the directors, actors,  popular persons and even this blogger for being inspirations.

And also this post from Carlo Olano of

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I still have to wait for other gratitude posts until October 30. So that means, this wave of gratitude posts may last this weekend, which is the end of this month. Here’s hoping that this #GratitudeAttitude posts will become a trend so that other bloggers, not only in Cebu but in the Philippines or other parts of the world will do the same.

Before I end this post, I’d like to share my version of #gratitudeattitude post. Here it goes.

  1. Family

My parents, my brother, my grandmother, my sisters, my cousins, my aunts and uncles and my cute nieces and nephews are my inspirations. Every day, I pray for joy, strength, vitality, peace, prosperity, light, life and love for them so they may live peacefully, healthy and vibrant.

2. Wonderful friends

I’ve got wonderful friends who have been understanding , thoughtful and generous. Surrounding myself with these people have motivated me to become better persons.

3. Friends in esotericism

I have got friends whom I have regarded as brothers and sisters. I have considered them families and have always been thankful for their positive vibrations

4. The benevolent masters, visible and invisible

I am thankful to have know highly evolved beings who are positive in bringing outstanding evolution to humankind.

5. My start-ups and blogs

I am always  gratefful to my start-ups Trismegistus Digital Solutions and Bjorn Cebuano Media for the wonderful partnerships they have managed to form. My blogs are also my foundations for online successes.

6.  Bloggers in Cebu Blogging Community and the challengers

Co-leading a blogging community has been a wonderful voluntary job for me. I have interacted with awesome people whose awesomeness is full of surprises.

Thanks to Chanel, Carlo Olano, Romeo Bonsocan, Emjae Argallon, Melanie Manso and Thaddeau Enggaling for being competitive challengers. Your passion is overwhelming that I have to be more vibrant than ever before to make the challenges as  challenging as they should be.

7. WordPress and the online apps and plug-ins

I can’t say much to these tools except for their being fantastic creations in the digital world.

8. Global Hub Serviced Offices

I have been holding an office space in this executive space of awesomeness at Keppel Center. Thank you Ms. Fritzie Kon for having been supportive.

9. My business partner, Ruben Licera, Jr.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities we have created, formed and built in the blogging community and in We can do many fabulous things with the start-up and the future dealings we will have, with your wife as the stellar foundation.

10. Chanel Marie

You have helped me form this idea for this Gratitude Attitude post challenge. Your presence has always produced calming effect on me.

11. The partners

Partners such as Khen Carl Soronio of Static Data Hosting, Bhonie and Evelyn Alia of and to all the other partners and clients that I can’t mention, you’ve been very awesome!

12. The Law of One

This law predates all laws. Thank you!

13. The Source (GOD), Cosmic and the Universe

We all live in a universe with the Source as the creator and provider and the Cosmic as the guiding light and force.

If I have enough time to say thank you to all those who have wonderful to me,  I will finish the next day.

No words can express the gratitude I have felt today.

Thank you #GratitudeAttitude post.

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