After holding the 30-day blog posting challenge, there is a conclusion that I have derived. It is something that I have known ever since but only I completely realize. Blogging is a Challenge. Really.

Now, I know why many bloggers would say blogging is dead, where in fact, it is the otherwise. Blogging is alive as ever and will continue as it is as long as the world civilization continues evolving and no major reset will happen in the near future. But the bloggers who said the unthinkable have one thing to convey: it is not easy to blog as many thing it is.

Blogging is not something that should be taken by anybody who is not driven, intelligent or even hard-working. Blogging is not for everybody.

The concept of blogging is a smart thing for it changes the course of the realm of literature and the medium for literary arts. Publishing doesn’t need to take so much time unlike before when the writer had to approach a publisher so his works can be published.

Any literary piece can be viewed and read by anyone after the blogger clicks the publish button on his blog’s New Post dashboard. There’s no need for publisher unless the blogger wants to also include paper back version of an online book or novel he has created.

This is the wondrous thing about blogging– the writer can be a blogger and has the capability to publish and even promote his or her literary pieces.

Anybody can be a blogger, that is, as long as he takes the challenge.

What is the challenge? Or more precisely, what are the challenges?

Blogging is a medium of writing. It is built in  digital platforms with tools the bloggers can use to aid in writing. It is possible to even check the dictionary and the grammar when writing and proofreading. There are tools for different purposes in writing. If we think about it, blogging creates a kind of leverage for any writer who wishes to be a known literary artist.

But the challenges are not to be discounted. These are:

  1. Technical challenges, which the blogger must encounter so to create the blogging platform.

  2. Creative aspect, so the blogger can potentially attract more visitors.

  3. Marketing aspect, so the blogger will be able to promote, build a brand and make conversions.

  4. Anther technical challenges, especially when the blogger unknowingly encounters hackers and becomes the latter’s target

  5. More technical challenges, especially when fixing the blog site or evolving the blog site into something that will attune with more readers to gain more traffic.

There are other challenges that I may have failed to mention here.

Now, knowing the challenges of blogging, there is one question I’d like to leave.

Are you ready to be a Blogger?