Cebu Business Network

A group of business-minded people in Cebu is created on Facebook. This enables business-minded Cebuanos to connect, network with other Cebuanos, create opportunities and provide others with opportunities.

The group aims to attain win-win result in the dealings between parties involved in transactions as varied as the people who join the group.

This group encourages shameless posting of links, opportunities and business-related contents as long as they are legitimate.

It is encouraged that every member should practice wise decision-making or intuitive responses prior to responding any posts deemed opportunities shared or relayed by any member of this group.

Any illegal activities such as illegal recruitment, illegal trafficking of any sort or selling of illegal goods are not allowed in this group.

Any member reported to be doing the above-mentioned offenses or related activities and has been proven to commit the violation will be automatically deleted with prior notice.

Please see the Facebook group here:  Cebu Business Networking