I am glad of the things we have attained in CBSi. Events here and there and the respect that we have gradually gained from the business community and even from the media abound, albeit gradually.

Last year, we witnessed how the print media reached out to bloggers by inviting a few bloggers in CBSi in events organized by the print media companies in Cebu. In a way, we repaid their kindness by making them media partners in the big event we organized last year.

There might have been a rift between the mainstream media and the bloggers in Cebu before. But this time, the landscape has been changing as more mainstream media companies embrace social media.

The bloggers of Cebu in the organization of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. in which I am a member, have fair advantage on the aspect of social media in Cebu. However, it is also a challenge for us as we need to show them how the bloggers can be deemed social media practitioners with know-how and experiences a mile ahead from some mainstream journalists.

Social media is not a trend anymore. It has become a reality with a feature similar to how people struck at awe at the time the radio became an important component to a house for entertainment and news medium during the early 20th century. The same can be said on how TV became a dominant appliance in every household and the broadcasting companies became media powerhouses from the mid-20th century to even now.

The Internet revolution, which saw its light during the last decade of the 20th century, has been welcomed by more and more people. Where there are limitations for people being hired in media companies because of the stringent adherence to corporate policies, the Internet has presented more opportunities for people who desire to showcase their creative personalities no matter how bizarre they may seem. And these we witness in different social media sites from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Internet has also paved the way for blogging and bloggers. The pioneers in blogging have the weight of advantage for their initiative approach could easily be summed on the number of followers they have and accumulated as the year goes by, even if they put a halt in blogging as long as their blogs are still hosted and alive and viewed and read.

 In Cebu, the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. could be regarded a house with corporate non-conformists bloggers and with less formal corporate structure. But this could be changed later on as the mainstream media firms have kept falcon-watch on how the blogging organization can be at par with the mainstream media or even become a force of an organization to be reckoned with.

It is a challenge as it is and even bigger than expected.

Months ago, my fear for the future of the organization might be felt had it not for the new leaders that could bring turnabout any negative impressions that had clouded the views, not only from the mainstream media but even from the bloggers.

Times are changing.

And though it would appear immature to put a conclusion to what the blogging organization in Cebu attained in just a short period of time, somehow, it can be said from the views of the mainstream media on how they can look up on us, perhaps, in some aspects such as blogging and social media and also on how they can look down on us, when the attitudes of the bloggers have been unfairly attached to the organization. This I can say also on the writings of the bloggers, which have been commented on by those who have proven to have authority in that aspect.

I’d like to apologize to the mainstream media on the way I integrate their views about the bloggers.  But somehow, I can fairly and brazenly say that their views could be demeaning in a way yet empowering in more ways that I can imagine.

I have this view since early childhood that to negate the impressions of others, I have to beat their prejudice through my actions that are wholly contrary to what they see on me and in me, initially.

Again, it is a challenge but a challenge worth taking. And this I challenge the bloggers of Cebu, particularly in the organization that I come to love and respect.

And what is the challenge?

Perhaps, in gaining more grounds in blogging and social media and taking the professional career in blogging to a higher level with recognition.

Even I admit I have to put more efforts to reach the professional blogging career that I so longingly aim for and have grasped in a time when I found my blogs to convey overwhelming opportunities. Nevertheless, my blogs have put me in what I am now and could still put me on a ground so I would look up higher.