I was surprised about a post about the concept of truth and the perspectives of duality in one of the Facebook groups in which I am a member. It shouldn’t have surprised me in the first place, but knowing the possible confusion that could steer the emotions of some members and probably their chakra system, I was compelled to give my view, my own perspective in a manner and approach as respectful and less egoistic as I should handle it.

For overview on this article, I will cover on topics about truth, karma and certain topics that may be mind-boggling. If you wish to be enlightened, please give me a message.

Finding the Truth

The concept of truth has certain fallacies, if presented in a universal manner. The truth of one may not be a truth of another, that’s why a true guru’s goal is to share knowledge and information and let the student find the truth for himself.

Finding the truth/s may not be easy. Most often, the student would go to the truths that are socially conformative for possible comfort to experience in a like-minded society. In that case, he/she becomes a contributor to the collective energy forming the collective consciousness. However, in this case, the student finds the truth/s from outside sources.

For a student who wishes to really find the truth because he/she believes that he/she is more than what the society perceives him/her to be, he/she goes within. Hence, the importance of having a guide. In this case, it is important that he/she must learn techniques to activate the chakras so he/she will be able to unlock the Soul that has been trapped in a third-density human body. After finding the truths from within, he/she can be a great contributor to humanity as a whole.

A truth of one may not be the truth of another. For a third-density human mind, this could create a confusion to his complex system and may be a cause of distortion affecting his cycle of spiritual growth and understanding. That’s why there are philosophies that should be understood and not to be imposed to the students unless the students are ready to accept and understand them. As for application, it would be a different matter.

The philosophy of truths has fundamental and higher levels of perspectives and understanding. What has been shared and presented was an aspect of higher learning that should be taken in a more careful manner.

Duality: Divine and Ego Selves

That’s why it is also important to learn the Divine and Ego selves as appropriately discussed by an ancient sage named Plotinus. The concepts of Yin and Yang in Taoism are also relevant. And recently, the classification of souls according to service to others and service to self are more intuitively learned in the Law of One and Atlantean-based esoteric teachings.

Learning duality is very important and also the types of karma as discussed in Upanishads.

We are in a world, that for others is called a stage and the inhabitants are the actors. But in this life, everyone is a student whose soul desires to ascend to higher dimension until the student reaches the density where infinite intelligence is acquired. The Universe is a big school ground that from the third to higher densities(up to 6th and even higher), the Soul needs to learn many things from different experiences in different lifetimes so he can acquire skills and knowledge fitting for a certain density he/she will incarnate and then ascend. Many find this puzzling, but the Soul’s goal is to become like the Source, to be the Source, that’s why in different lifetimes, he/she can become the co-creator. The more the student acquires knowledge, the more he becomes more knowledgable, similar to the Divine Prime Creator, who is All-Knowing. A soul who eventually becomes the Logos can be qualified to create his or her own universe.

As for the Divine/Ego self, it is important to remain humble as to possibly lessen or defy the aagami karma.

Being part of the Source

I believe we are part of the Source, the energy of the Source flows within us, and technically, as light beings, we are the Source of Light for other beings who still find their way to the Truth. In other words, each of us is the Cosmic, the Source. However, there are beings who take advantage of this ideology to the point that they want to be the God of the world, even if they are not yet qualified to rule it because of the service to self nature. The existence of Satan, whose Ego supersedes his nature as a light being, can be exemplified. He may see himself as the source but because of his discordance to the Prime creator, he lacks the link that would gain him the infinite energy. Consequentially, he gains energy from the people who worship him as god on Earth. He also collects fear energy from the same people who see him as a demon. He is the two sides of the same coin. And I believe that has been rooted from the ideology that is still existent today — about the nature of good and bad and the supposed failure to recognize the good from the bad. Anyway, those who are really evil in 3rd and even in 4th to 5th densities are prone for purging in the Central Sun. From there, the soul’s evolution would start from zero.

Another thing to ponder is the idea that everything is an illusion. It is a perspective that can be learned for a student who wants to activate his abilities or who has gained the understanding to manipulate energy. The philosophy about truth including the perception that everything is an illusion can be applied to activate and perform abilities(teleportation, levitation, invisibility, shapeshifting, etc.)

Digesting these things may form certain lumps on the throats. And they can be hard to digest. That’s why it’s important first to start with the basics and to progress in a careful manner to higher learnings so as to have a smooth-sailing evolution process. That’s why in the third-density, it would take thousands of years for the Soul to ascend.


Just like in the Revelation in the Bible whose writings are biased towards the 144,000 Wanderers, we are in the stage where we have to call the millions of Wanderers who have to ascend in this cycle. These Wanderers, who arrived on Earth to help in spiritual evolution of beings, had undergone and suffered from sanchita karma and kriyamana karma because of karmic involvement with other third-density beings.

There are also beings who progressed from second density to third density. These beings have former lives as intelligent animals and would still require to undergo the number of cycles as required for third-density beings. That could be the rationale of the existence of space vehicles to transport the third-density beings, who may not be able to Ascend in the current cycle, to other third-density planets.

As Wanderers, we have the free will to go to Ascension and graduate to higher density where another lifetimes can be had. Or, just like other light beings, we can go to the third-density planets to be the warriors against the beings of service to self nature or the other way around.

Really, we are in a universe so interesting it is baffling and confusing. But what we have to do is to always radiate love/light and light/love. Raise our vibration. Even the service to self beings have to vibrate the same so as to defy karma and to help in their progression.

The bottomline?

I would leave this question that you can answer to yourself:

Are you a being of service to others or service to self?