Yesterday, after going through an errand, I paid a visit to the church and asked God for guidance.

If you haven’t known yet, I am raised Catholic but have liberal views. I won’t have to  go through the painstaking details about my growing up Catholic, but somehow this religion has helped me in knowing God and the Roman Catholic Church and the teachings. But again, I have liberal standpoints and I say that not all teachings from this Church have been agreeable to me.

Anyway, my point in going there is to seek guidance. It’s about finding redemption after getting in a depression lately. I believe I was affected of what I had learned from a friend and I shared it from the previous post. And so for 2 days, I needed to focus again and not be drown by depression.

The good experience that I have with this Church was amazing. It was in this church where I asked God for a sign in which career path I would be taking and that was six years ago. Fast forward to now, I thanked God for giving me things and for putting me into what I am now although I would still like to improve and become richer. Yes, I have an ambitious goal to become a millionaire, something I still have to work on.

The Carmelite church in Mabolo was instrumental in my blogging career. It still is and that’s why, when I have spare time, I visit the church, pray, contemplate, meditate and ask for things from God.

Yesterday, one of the things that I asked from God was to change my working attitude. Doing so many things lately has put a deterrent to my focus self. And so I asked God to help me do the right things. I know that divine intervention would help but I believe it is my prayer that I asked God to give me wisdom.

Having the knowledge, having a family and a bit of bountiful things are the gifts I receive from God. I would have asked God to help other people but I believe that when I can help myself, that would be the right time that I can help other people.

Praying to God for redemption is a wonderful thing. I know some don’t believe in God. But I tell, regardless of the religion you have, there is still the divine person that can help and bring provision whenever we ask.

It is finding redemption that I can say my life is ready for more things. Being prepared is important. But working on the commitments including the responsibilities is even more significant.