traditional media reporter

I have encountered many reporters, journalists and writers, mostly in the print media. And I have come to admire how they always take down notes during press conference, jotting down things on a steno using a pen, where in fact they can use their Iphone, Android or BlackBerry phones to take down notes.

Max Limpag, a blogger and business editor of SunStar Cebu, once advised me that to be a good writer, you should push yourself to write. Write, write and write. That’s a good advice actually, even though, I first heard it almost 2 years ago.

Now, with the importance of blogging in Cebu and in the Philippines and the recognition of some bloggers, it has become an even challenge for bloggers to update and post fresh contents on their blogs.

Keeping the traditional media writers in mind and how they do the task of taking down notes to contribute to publications just adds to the fact that bloggers in Cebu have much keeping up to do.

And with that, I have come up with a list that will, in a way, inspire, more bloggers to make their blogs fresh of contents, even if not on daily basis. But please keep in mind that some of these tips may not apply for your blog. You may have to do a parallelism to come up with a supposed analogy to be applied on your blog.

1. Be a netizen, be aware of your environment.

This helps if your niche is into environment or events in your place. This will also set your blog as a news blog if you want to post events such as accidents, unusual occurrences, politically-inclined subject in which you hold the source that still throbs to be exposed.

2. Attend events, take down notes and blog.

It amazes me how an event can help me in a posting. But one thing that I may have failed is to post more than one blog post about one event. There can be more things to blog about even in just one event.

3. Conduct an interview.

In some events I attended, there were opportunities for interview. This way, one interview can help you create one blog post. You can also write another blog post of what the event means to you including your conclusion that will add to the over-all reception of the event.

4. Be resourceful.

I include this because it is bound that you may have missed some things during an event. It is also important to look in the newspapers in with the articles of the event published the next day. Be sure to include the source in your blog post if you want to include a few excerpts taken from the newspaper.

5. If you want to be the first to blog about an event, then do it.

It can help drive traffic, gain followers and subscribers.

Blogging is still an important ingredient in building online reputation. They say blogging is dead which is just something to craze things up, bringing a notion that could stop others from blogging or to become a blogger.

And if you want to be a top-notch blogger or want to be a social media influencer, then it may be important to blog like what the traditional media reporters do. Thanks to them, that Cebu newspapers or the print media are still alive.