Content marketing is not the end game in blogging. In fact, it is the 3rd stage of the blogging cycle after content planning and content generation.

Promoting your blog’s contents takes skills and requires the uses of tools to leverage the seemingly time-extensive nature of content marketing.

After generating contents, your blog must not seat alone as you wait for visits. Surely, there are going to be increasing traffic and hits if you properly plan your content and you apply effective optimization strategies within your blog site.

But as the need for onsite optimization to help in getting traffic is considered very important, so is the offsite optimization strategy to reach to potential readers and to attract curious and information-hungry audience.

How to promote your blog contents?

I have been reading different blog posts about how to promote your blog’s contents and there are few common denominators which I am going to share here. So take this as a curation of sort but with the view of the blogger based on personal accounts.

  1. Write quality content

Somehow, the cycle of content marketing in blogging all boils down to content planning and generation. Thinking of what your readers would like to know as you make an effort in knowing them is one of the ways that should form part in not just one blog posts but all of the contents on your blog.

The idea of being expressive as a blogger requires sharing of ideas that can help readers learn and understand or something that may be helpful to the readers. The blog posts can be the answers of the target readers questions.

2. Focus on the audience

As you know your audience, you have the guide on the right persona where you target your blog post or many posts on your blog. Just knowing what would a reader ask can guarantee you one reader for your blog.

3. Integrate social media buttons so the readers can promote on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Google+ has been helpful in driving to this blog. Facebook has also a been a force for increasing readers. Integrating social media forms part of the social media marketing strategy for your blog, which is practically within the content marketing umbrella.

4. Optimize content for search engines

Google is discriminating when it comes to quality contents. So if your blog is assured to have all the quality contents search engines want to index, then you don’t have to worry for traffic. But it is also important to include the right keywords and the right words for snippets as these are collated for search engine indexing and would appear on search engine page results for particular keyword queries.

5. Publish contents regularly.

I’ve been doing the blog posting challenge to help increase the traffic of this blog after migrating to a new domain and hosting and after having gone through re-branding. So the effort of regular blog publishing can pay off as the traffic lines and arrows are going on an upward trend as shown in Analytics.

There are various methods that are longer than this list to promote blog’s contents. I am just sharing the most important methods that newbie bloggers can apply on their blogs.

But if there is a need to go advance in strategies, I can recommend below’s infographic obtained from Hubspot blog, for newbie bloggers to give more insights on how to promote blog contents.



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