Being part of a blogging community can be a great experience for a blogger who has just started to blog. This gives the bloggers high likelihood to get acquainted with influencers and learn from the experts in blogging.

With the increasing popularity of blogs, not just on global scale but also on a local and regional scales, the opportunities for bloggers are increasingly apparent. Working alone for a blog, though a cost-effective strategy for a start, would not be as beneficial as initially regarded in the long-term. It is important for a blogger to apply leverage so to proliferate traffic or to increase leads and conversions.

Tapping influencers by being part of a blogging community is a strategy, not only beneficial to the newbie bloggers but also to the influencers. As the newbie blogger gains insights and added learning from the authority bloggers, these bloggers who have built their brands have also added a follower. If there are new bloggers in a blogging community, there are more chances for established bloggers to increase their number of followers. Taking logic to the situation, it is apparent that bloggers who are part of a community are working symbiotically, which is, of course, one of the foremost reasons for founding a blogging community.

In the case of new bloggers, they can increase their blog authority if they do more than just tapping the influencers. These are the indicators and situations that could lead to new blogs to gain authority.

  1. When authority bloggers mention new blogs in blog posts and in social media posts.
  2. When authority bloggers include links to the blogs citing them as the original source or having the quality that can provide benefits to readers of the former.
  3. When authority blogs cite new blogs to have the potential to be emerging influential blogs because of qualities such as quality blog contents.
  4. When new blog and the blogger have been mentioned or featured in mainstream media publications
  5. When new blogs have been endorsed by at least one popular celebrity.

Those are just a few situations and indications when new blogs can gain blog authority. Being mentioned in mainstream media or even endorsed by a celebrity can cause for celebration for a new blogger.

But what it takes for the mentioned situations to trigger?

One common thing — quality blog contents.

Any celebrity or authority bloggers can be critical to someone who is new to the industry. So when they think that there is a standout, they share and spread the news to the world or even just on a particular region. If that region has thousands or even millions of population with at least 20% of the population are potential followers of the blog, then taking that factor into mind, the blog can benefit from increased traffic and potential lead generation.

The realm of blogging is vast. But take into mind that not all people are destined to be bloggers. They can just be pure readers willing to digest information from your blog or even potential customers. When the situation permits that you, the new blogger, introduces products, which are deemed worthy of having, then your blog can be a good money-making source for you.

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