Commitment is a word that is very familiar to me and I think it is to you too. But this term can bring a weight on somebody and I  believe this is something I have to really work on.

Having too many commitments can drain a person. It exhausts the energy that helps in driving the person to work for a committed project or even a relationship. But having commitment also helps drive a person to be motivated.

Working on a relationship requires commitment. And I say this beyond the usual romantic or platonic relationship between lovers and/or friends.

In business and in the working place, the fact that you are into that business or are employed in an office or whatever working area you are assigned, the level of commitment is strong so as to meet a goal from being in that situation in the first place.

But there’s also a time in which the failure to commit can bring repercussions. I know because I believe that what I did during 2012 and what I did to my friends to certain projects and not being fully committed on those projects had its way of biting me at the present. And I think what I did back then has brought these consequences:

1. Lack of trust from the person in which I failed to make the necessary level of commitment

2. Impression of being unprofessional

3. The nagging feeling of putting someone down, in short– disappointment.

Although I have my reasons for it but somehow those reasons could readily offset the repercussions.  And the bad feeling has put on more weight than the feeling that I can still cope up. I know this because when you do the failure, the people you are entitled to have a level of commitment on a deal or a project would relay to other people about what you have done, perhaps, gravely in your part and at your expense. This I know because I have been in that situation.

I have got this level of sensitivity that piqued to the core when I talked something out with a friend and then that friend told me something that would have indirect connection to what I just asked. The short of it is this- my friend doesn’t want to be in that position when dealing with me because of what he has learned from the circle.

I don’t want to dwell on the details and of course, I don’t want to share all the details here. But something sums up and that is because of grave mistakes I made in the past.

And there are lessons learned, which are very elementary but still very important to point out such as:

1. Don’t commit when you can’t really commit.

2. Think first of the consequence when you commit to something. In short, think ahead. This is more like analyzing oneself and what would the future scenario be when one is going to be married with someone or be tied up with a deal, especially in business.

3.  It is required to say NO when in doubt for commitment. Even if that means, bringing disappointment to someone, just to be honest than be sorry later when two things will be damaged: relationship and reputation.

4. Work hard when you drive yourself to commit.

5. Honesty is still the best policy. When during the time of commitment but still in doubt, be honest to the party of your limitations and explain things when there is a level of uncertainty of bringing the project to its deadline.

I’m pointing it out here because of what I have learned and this is rooted because of the attitude towards commitment. And I still believe that I can  be given redemption despite the mistakes and failures I made. I hope that you also too.

Just be sure though that when you learn the mistakes of the past, history should not be repeated.

I’ve learned my lessons well and I learned it in a way in which it became disheartening to know it from someone. But I can still cope and I can still bring myself up from the stumble.