I had a blast in 2012 especially on the last month of that year. That excitement though never transcended on this blog for I missed some posts.

There should have been posts about the Digital Mark Seminar and Workshop and the Google Plus Workshop but I missed them. But it is better to be late than never, right?

The good thing about having my own blog is that I have the independence to do the posting about what thing that I should be posting here and when I should post it. However, it somehow accounts that my blog is not a professional one as I planned it to be.

But again, it’s better late than never. So, as a New Year’s resolution, I will do a calendar scheduling of my posts. I can’t promise daily posting, although I intend to include it in my plan, but I will attempt to make a tri-weekly posting.

Blogging has been through a lot of transition and so is this blog. And the blogger.

I am definitely grateful of what my blog and blogging has done for me. It is really true that you can make money online. But it doesn’t stop there. Having a blog and making yourself known through your blog can open opportunities for you. And opportunities have been coming to me. That is the advantage of being a blogger.

However, as you strive to be known beyond the blogosphere, that is the time where you are also vulnerable to scrutiny and lots of it.

Critics, though less visible, are there and they wait for me to take the wrong turn so they can say something about me.

Needless to say, the criticisms have also helped me in a way. Although I am not a popular person online and offline, I have had a share of recognition.

2012 for me paved the way for me to get to know the media and for me to be part of the media scene. I was interviewed in a CAMMA-award winning television show and so I appeared on the television. But there’s a funny thing in having myself make an appearance on television because I have become self-conscious.

I was ecstatic when I was invited to be a guest in that TV show but then again, when everything was done, it was like a surreal experience for me. And then I heard from friends about me on this television and it somehow brought me to a spotlight akin to what the celebrities attained and craved.

I was also interviewed in Y101, a radio station in Cebu. It dubbed as the no.1 online radio station in the Philippines and it helped that a DJ there became my friend.

Year 2012 was also a good time for me to be included in the tech communities of Cebu. I helped in the first Startup Weekend Cebu.

In the digital community in which I am apparently a part of, I volunteered in the organizing of Cebu Digital Influencers Summit, the first event in Cebu. It was an event brought by Janette Toral from Manila.

I have helped in organizing local events with global impact such as Social Media Day Summit and Social Good Summit Cebu. These events are localized from the events spearheaded by Mashable.com.

Overall, 2012 was an exciting year for me. It was also the busiest. But despite that, I managed to receive invites to stay in luxury hotels and experienced the island life. My accounts of these can be found in my other blog, BjornCebuano.com.

I’d like to make a summary of my 2012 accounts in a post. I may also do the same thing in my other blog.

For now, I’d like to focus on this blog and how I can make it a better one this 2013. I will be celebrating the 3rd year of this blog this coming March and I can’t wait for it to happen.

Just a teaser, part of my plan for this blog is to make it a go-to online site for Cebu business news and the likes, kinda similar to Entrepreneur.com. I believe there’s no business magazine website yet in Cebu and with this transition, I might start on my own with this blog site/web site.