You’ve made a mistake?  Okay… shrug it off.

You can’t please everybody. Shrug it off.

You are not perfect. Yep, accept it and shrug it off.

I shrug when I exercise and when I make a gesture confirming that a simple thing, mistake or err on my part or others is no big deal to me.

Shrugging is not a sign of defeat. It may be seen as a gesture of confusion, of uncertainty and again of “no-big-deal”.

But it is not all the time that I shrug things off especially when I know that they are a major deal to me and that they affect me greatly that I need to do a reactive decision.

But sometimes, when I find these things to have taken great toll on me, almost leading me to the brink of nervous breakdown and, to the extent, insanity, then I try to shrug those things off and accept them as they are.

I may be mad or hold a grudge. But taking a wrath on somebody is a grave example of obstruction of peace. And I don’t want to lead to that situation where I might regret things in the end to the point that it could bring me to an emotional imbalance or even worse.