Ascension is a hot topic among New Age circles and websites and blogs dealing with  metaphysical and spiritual subjects recently. It would be a positive thing if people would be better guided about what  Ascension really is and if they really are experiencing the signs of Ascension. The talk about Ascension symptoms is the thing that has caused my eyebrows to raise for it somehow negates from what I have learned about being in the process of Ascension.

For one, Ascension being talked about is not similar to what was written in the modern Bible, about Jesus levitating and going to heaven and about teaching the disciplines to be like him. It is a subject that has been given renaissance because of the spiritual evolution and revolution taking place, which are not seemingly conspicuous. But those who accept the mystical teachings are likely more adept in knowing the changes and the shifts occurring in the waves of energy, the planetary situation and the dawn of the Golden Age.

Ascension should not to be taken lightly as if it is a simple graduation to another plane of existence. The process, I would say based from experience, knowledge and observation, is not easy, that is, to transform the consciousness to level up to another plane of existence. It may be that the people talking about Ascension symptoms probably refer to the awakening process. In which case, the likelihood of having certain symptoms exist and can become more apparent if the conviction to evolve the consciousness is in attunement with the spiritual evolution. In other words, the desire to attain the union with the divine is so strong that the person who has undergone the awakening process  is willing to conquer any test and challenges for that aspiration to materialize.

A person who has already gone through a process of Ascension has been able to attain a level of enlightenment akin to the Eastern teaching of Rainbow Body. In the Western esoteric teaching, ascension is the attainment of Cosmic Illumination, the Evolution of cosmic consciousness, whereby, a person achieves to be in full communion with God, the Divine Source and is able to grasp, record, store and utilize the Cosmic knowledge by unlocking the cosmic DNA and unleashing the veil of ignorance.

An enlightened person has attained the consciousness of being one with the divine, the Source.

Before I proceed, I would like to clear that I am not in a position to be a know-it-all. However, it is a kind of a mission to make some clarifications on things that could probably confuse people and may even be the causes of their spiritual depression. That is likely to happen when a person is still attached to the idea of religion and certain ideologies that are contradicting to what his or her intuition is telling him or her during the spiritual awakening process.

Moreover, the metaphysical community must be vigilant in releasing information that may be misleading to those who are undergoing the awakening process. Those who want to be awakened may have difficulty accepting the idea of Ascension because of the fear of undergoing symptoms attached to the process and that are seemingly negative to comprehend especially those who are still bound to the comforts of the material world.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of perfection where alchemical transmutation can take place and the cosmic knowledge can be gradually injected to prepare the individual to the possible explosion of universal consciousness leading to the liberation of the soul and enlightenment. It is being in union with the divine, whereby the consciousness of the universe has been passed on to the person’s soul structure, the immortal aspect of the human being. In essence, the attainment of cosmic consciousness is the unlocking of the soul to have the same or similar consciousness with the divine.

We have to remember that the soul, the atma, is a part and parcel of the Divine Source. The enlightenment process is the way of reminding us that it is possible to have the cosmic experience without having to extinguish the material aspect of being human.

The topic about cosmic consciousness is relative to Ascension. Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) and Siddartha (Gautama Buddha) went through the process of attaining cosmic consciousness before their Ascension.

Cosmic consciousness is the highest form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary human as defined by Richard Maurice Bucke on his 1901 book Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind.  That book was already over a century ago. But despite the antiquity, we can learn from the book the common denominators for the attainment of cosmic consciousness from the personalities mentioned in the book such as Jesus, Buddha, St. John of the Cross and even Walt Whitman and the British writer, Edward Carpenter. All of those he included in the book went through mystical stages of awakening.

So how is the attainment of cosmic consciousness relative to ascension?

Simply put, ascension is the stage of enlightenment where the individual who is able to attain cosmic consciousness can graduate to higher planes of existence and dimension. But it is a continuous process for it challenges the individual to sustain the positive vibration  in attunement to the frequency of the soul and body to a specific plane of existence or dimension. By sustaining it, the individual can become an ascended being whose aspiration is to move to higher planes of existence and dimensions.

Knowing about these things, one may raise questions such as:

Is it possible to undergo ascension even before attaining cosmic consciousness?

Can an individual, who has attained the highest form of consciousness, be stuck on the physical place and may not go through the process of Ascension?

Before I answer those questions, I would like to share that the planet Earth is undergoing the  Ascension process together with the solar system. The inhabitants may also feel certain changes relative to the process. So I understand that writers and bloggers have been saying about Ascension symptoms because of the planetary situation. This takes  a different meaning about Ascension. However, there is a big BUT.

The Ascension Stages and Process

Even though the planet is ascending to a higher density, it doesn’t mean that the whole population can also ascend. Free will and the range of being receptive to changes are factors that may hinder the spiritual evolution of individuals despite the planetary shift. But we must expect for certain emotional changes affecting the physical aspect of human beings because of the shift.

We must be wary though of correlating the symptoms to Ascension as if the individuals are undergoing spiritual evolution, even if it is not. The spiritual evolution can take place individually depending on how receptive the person is to change.

However, the current planetary shift is something to be grateful for especially to those who have managed to make spiritual evolution a priority. It would be easy to ride the waves that are permeating the horizons on the surface.

As for the Ascension symptoms, if you are experiencing unexplained shift in emotion and appetite and even sudden illness that would extinguish in a matter of hours or days, then these are just signs within the awakening stage. These symptoms don’t mean that you are ascended. Okay, I don’t want to negate people who feel that they are already ascended after going through those symptoms and beating them. I repeat, those are signs that you are awakening. There are bodily changes occurring. Emotions are shifting and at times, we want to feel alone and isolated.

Within the awakening stage is the dark night of the soul, a period where many challenges can come to the individual, testing the person of his spiritual conviction. Karmic retribution can happen instantaneously in this stage so it is important to be conscious of your actions and decisions for they can affect you greatly, most especially if actions are mostly on service to self.

Once a person overcomes the tests and trials during the dark night of the soul, he must prepare for the cosmic liberation, a stepping stone to Ascension.

To prepare, he must expand his consciousness by going through spiritual adventures, intense spiritual routines applying effective meditation techniques to quicken the evolution of consciousness; manual labor through physical exercises such as tai-chi and qiqong and cultural development by participating in arts such as music and contributing in literary arts. It would require discipline to be able to attain the Ascension stage.

Many of those who managed to attain enlightenment has been reported to have developed their talents in a positive way, enabling  them to participate in cultural aspects such as painting, singing and literary arts with stellar results. That means, individuals who feel that they don’t have talent in singing before will be able to hit the right notes when they find a way to get hold of a mic.  Meanwhile, those who feel that they had difficulty in writing may be surprised that it would be easy for them to compose a poem. The Leaves of Grass of Walt Whitman is an example of this situation. The possibility of this happening is that once a person, who is able to wield his energy through spiritual conviction, can unlock parts of the cosmic DNA, the great repository of universal knowledge. Within this cosmic knowledge are the lessons stored by the soul from different lifetimes. That explains the existence of prodigies.

An individual who has awakened and who is already awakened can easily accept the process of cosmic liberation. An analogy to this stage is like of the phoenix in which a new fiery bird can come out from its ashes far more brighter after it extinguishes its previous form.

Cosmic Liberation

Mystical experiences can happen during Cosmic Liberation, a stage where a person unbinds whatever contracts he has with religion, compelling him to be more in attunement with the Divine Source. Along with this process is the possibility of being stewards of knowledge that can aid in spiritual evolution. That is why it is important that if you happen to activate your intuitive abilities, use them for spiritual evolution to help you in the Ascension process.

Cosmic Liberation inspires you to release the fear of the unknown, to let go of grief, apathy and guilt. It is like a soul-cleansing process to me and I felt like the burden of emotions have been lifted off.

If you really aspire to go through the Ascension, you must be aware that those who are ascended have perfected cultural development and have managed to accept the intensity of light because their body can manage to handle it. In other words, in order to attain the Ascension stage, you must be physically fit, of loving, forgiving, compassionate and positive nature and of the right volition.

Recently, I have received a message from the higher self by suggesting Serapis Bey, whom I believe, is the Ascended Master responsible for the Ascension flame. So, if you ever happen to accept the challenges of Ascension, you must ask for the guidance of Serapis Bey. It would seem that I have to ask for his guidance to help me with my own path to Ascension. That’s a good thing because I always regard St. Germain to be my guide on the spiritual yet practical mysticism path.

For images of Serapis Bey, please click here.

Advantages of present-day population towards Ascension

The advantage we have now though is that people have become more conscious about their diet. They have become disciplinarians of their own bodies. If they integrate it with exercise which I believe many do, such as tai-chi, qiqong and even working out the right muscles plus 3 hours of daily meditation, that could help them in attaining cosmic consciousness easily especially during the age of enlightenment beginning the late 20s’ to 30’s.

I suggest learning Kundalini meditation techniques to help in the physical and spiritual evolution.

Even if a person who has attained cosmic liberation will be able to graduate to a level of existence beyond the physical plane. That means, it is possible for him to go to the astral place by means of astral projection. It is like the individual can experience the stage of ascension by graduating to the astral plane. Also, it is possible for him to attain the cosmic consciousness because by practicing the astral projection, he can be more aware of the works of the divine in the astral plane.

Moreover, it is important for the individual to be of higher vibration with positive character and service to self attitude  when they accept the energy that will lead him to their enlightenment. We don’t want a repeat of Hitler and Paul, who attained enlightenment, but were in a state of negative volition and disposition.

That’s why it is important for people to be properly guided during the Ascension process because even though they have attained enlightenment, but if their ego self could easily eclipse the divine self, then the possibility of more malevolent people is higher and may be a factor to the deterioration of supposedly planetary liberation towards the Golden Age. Again, we don’t want another Hitler to rule another armada in this generation.

Please take note that even if you have attained enlightenment, you are not yet exempted from the primary anomaly. You should be able to go to higher dimension starting at sixth for you to become a positive Ascended being.

Let me know if you want to learn more about Ascension. It is a conscious decision to handle this topic for people should be more aware of the planetary situation.

Please remember that Ascension is a beautiful thing. The many processes before undergoing Ascension are important so that purging can take place within and so purity can come out.